Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'd really enjoy pining about philosophy-n-stuff but I thought evaluating supplements might be a more practical use for this blog.

Phosphatidylserine is touted as a brain-booster by a lot of online vendors. Granted, I've only taken 300mg as a maximum dose, but I've yet to feel any cognitive benefit. What I have noticed is that it does decrease mental fatigue associated with sleep deprivation. That horrible borderline anxiety sensation that builds up as the night wears on is diminished by supplementation. I got the idea to combine this supplement with raw egg yolk and found that the effects are potentiated. I suspect there isn't much PS in egg yolk, but it is a source of lecithin and I would assume there must be some. At any rate it has a calming effect without any euphoria. My head just feels less taxed.

When combined with some melatonin and a couple of valerian caps it makes for a good night's rest. PS is supposed to suppress cortisol. I have no way of knowing whether it is effective in this regard but it does negate stress when taken at a dose of 200mg with a few raw egg yolks. I've treated some irritability via this method with good results.

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